Updated Studio Tour


Remember my rush of new retailers this spring? One of them, Apartment 528, asked for a home/studio tour and instagram takeover a few weeks ago. I gladly obliged, with the help of my friend and photographer, Adrian Cunningham. Since this was a rare occasion when the studio has been clean enough to photograph, I thought I’d share it here as well!

First, and perhaps foremost, are the incredible macro shots he took of Bess. I really beleive that every piece of her is a work of art, so to have someone else see that too is really rewarding for me.

These are shots of the materials I use to set up my press. (Except the thread. That has nothing to do with letterpress, it’s just where my thread rack lives.) Since I just converted  to boxcar’s printing plate system, I’m currently switching between their photopolymer plates and base (top photo), Owosso’s magnesium and wood plates and vintage wood type (below center). It’s sort of a pain, but as I retired the designs I used Owosso for, it will become easier!

The other shots here are of my ink (right) and tools (left above and below). Maybe it’s my art background, but I find it really wasteful to order a million different ink colors when you can make almost any hue from black, white, red, yellow and blue. So, along with silver and gold, that’s what you see in the tins above.

Most of the tools below contribute to making sure the paper is aligned and printed with the proper pressure. Adi somehow managed to find the only messy area in my press room that day!


And below are a few projects I had in the works at the time: Thank you tags to include in future orders, and paper flowers, of course!

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