Call for weddings: 2016!

Well you guys, it’s official: the 2016 wedding season has begun! Couples are starting to inquire about invitations left and right, but one on-the-ball bride already has her save the dates printed, and probably in the mail! obrien_8095Adrienne wanted the ever-popular coaster save the date, but she wanted the design to reflect her fairly formal wedding. I created a design that employed traditional typefaces and a fancy, yet very legible, script.

She also wanted to feature the crest of her future family quite prominently, so I created a vector illustration from the image of the crest she provided. I love how it looks in the gold ink! obrien_8098And my favorite part about these coasters is that I was able to get a fairly deep impression on the gold printing without the coaster cracking as it often does.  obrien_8096I added a few filigree flourishes in a dusty rose pink that’s part of her wedding color scheme and voila! The perfect save the dates.

Getting hitched next year? Now is the time to order your own save the dates—coasters or paper! Get in touch here :)

Christmas in July

I haven’t created many cards for the holiday season in recent years. New designs need to be printed months in advance in order to get them to wholesalers by fall and my brain just wasn’t good at coming up with Christmas ideas in the middle of a busy summer.

This year, however, is different. This is the first year where 622 press gets the lion’s share of my attention, which means I’ve spent the last few weeks adding to my holiday card collection! I’ve got them printed, folded, and photographed even—and my winter catalog is going out to wholesalers this week. Please leave a comment if you have a favorite local shop that should stock 622 press goods!

I won’t be listing the cards in my etsy shop for a few months, but if you’re feeling super Type A, get in touch to order yours! Here’s a sneak peek, just in case :)


Avid readers of this blog have seen a progression (intentional and non-) toward more type-based designs lately. Not only does that mean ordering fewer [very expensive] printing plates for me, but people like cards with words on them, whether it says something they couldn’t quite figure out how to put into words or weren’t sure they were allowed to say.

I’m a pretty straightforward person. If you’ve met me in real life (or maybe you can even tell from my writing!), you more or less know how I feel about you, a situation or the work that you’ve made. I’m tactful, but I’m just not going to bullshit you—in fact I think it’s incredibly rude to say one thing to someone’s face and another behind their back (or even think it really).

So it makes sense that the cards I’ve been working on lately cut straight to the point. Sure, I could send you something with a quote about your journey and how everything happens for a reason… but wouldn’t you rather have this?

sorry_6815 ugh_6818The card above was actually inspired by a girlfriend’s experience with miscarriage. She said the best, most truthful sentiment anyone expressed to her was from her doctor, who simply said, “This really sucks. You don’t have to be ok right now.”

Of course that straightforward attitude works both ways—when I’m truly excited, you know it! And so, for when exciting things are on the horizon:

OMG_6812 holycrap_6809I’m at that age where most of my friends have or are thinking about, maybe working on making babies, which still just blows my mind. I know the survival of the species depends on it and all, but DO YOU KNOW ANOTHER, SEPARATE PERSON JUST GREW INSIDE YOU AND IS NOW OUT IN THE WORLD? “Holy crap” pretty much sums up how I feel about that.

These are now all available in my etsy shop, and there’s more to come in my next post! Stay tuned!

New Prints on the Block

Having totally awesome new product photography has motivated me to finally get some new prints listed in my etsy shop!

kickass_purpleP39The first is a special request from a friend. She knew what she wanted it to say—wake up, kick ass, be kind, repeat, with absolutely no punctuation—but not quite how she wanted it to look, so of course that’s where I came in! I started with a watercolor ombré background… which is basically my new favorite thing. Using several of my antique lead fonts, I printed the phrase in ever-so-slightly sparkly silver ink on top. She and I both love the results! I only printed two extra, and they are available here, but I’m also totally open to commissioned pieces in this style! Send me your favorite phrases!

bestdayever_P3The second is obviously one of the experimental pieces in the process of making these prints. I didn’t have much of the chipboard material, but I did really love the results, so I printed as many as I could—just five available in the shop!