Kindness is Everything


Last week an old coworker asked if I would design a more polished version of a handwritten sign she had seen in a neighbor’s yard. I agreed with pleasure, it felt good to counteract the hate swirling around our country in any way, no matter how small.

The last three days, I’ve answered hundreds of emails about the sign, group orders are being placed in communities nationwide, it’s been shared thousands upon thousands of times on social media and an etsy store has been opened to handle all the requests for stickers, magnets prints and more. We’re quickly approaching $2,000 for the ACLU from orders via our original group, and other communities all over the country have used the graphic to raise funds as well.

You guys, this little sign is what did it: restored my faith in my countrymen, lifted me out of my post-election haze. If you’re here because you sought out this message that resonated with you, thank you. Keep spreading the love and let others know that the headlines in America right now do not represent us. Love will always trump hate. Always.


The SOLD Project

The SOLD Project is a grassroots organization dedicated to inspiring and empowering individuals to stop child prostitution before it begins. The organization twofold: They’ve just finished filming a documentary in Thailand for four months to help raise awareness about human trafficking and have in place a growing prevention program. The Prevention Program is made up of 1) Scholarships 2) Mentorship for every child that is sponsored 3) After School Programs including sports, art, English, and tutoring 4) Human Trafficking Awareness Programs at the school starting in every 6-grade classroom to teach the children about the realities of human trafficking and prostitution.

It’s sad that in this world, the prevention of children being forced into prostitution is a cause that needs fighting for, but it does. To that end, illustrators, photographers, painters, collage and other artists have donated their creations to help fund this project. The artists’ statement: “We believe in the power of art to communicate, to touch, and to transform the world we live in. We also believe in affordable, accessible art, and giving back our profit of sold art to a cause that we find to be worthwhile.” Visit The SOLD Project’s etsy shop, buy a beautiful piece of art and help make this world a better place.

Give Back

Today I am proud to feature artists who are creating beautiful work and using it to give back to their communities. In the last 18 months, the demand for charity and non-profit services has increased while those giving to these services has declined dramatically. Kudos to those who still manage to set a little aside for those less fortunate.

Erin of Undefined Village will donate all proceeds (about 80% of purchase price) from her “Homeless” print to a non-profit animal shelter in an effort to help curb the overcrowding of these facilities.

Erin of Reul Iuil gives the proceeds from everything in her shop to various charities. Purchasing the baby blanket above benefits St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and the entire cost of the scarf below goes to Book Aid International. Erin says she has always enjoyed crafting for family and friends and she wanted to find a way to spread the goodwill.

Last but not least, in my non-letterpress etsy shop, a number of prints benefit Project Liberia. Bulleh Bablitch-Norkeh, a Liberian who moved to Wisconsin in her teens, began Project Liberia as a personal project to help her relatives and others living in a country torn apart by 14 years of civil war. Project Liberia is now a growing non-profit dedicated to enabling Liberians to improve their own lives and the lives of their families through a variety of projects including building a community center, beginning a micro-loan program and cleaning the litter of war from the streets.

Bablitch-Norkeh is currently on her third trip to Liberia, distributing clothing to orphanages, soccer equipment (a way to keep kids busy in a productive way and keep them out of trouble) and overseeing the final stages of the community center.