Kindness is Everything


Last week an old coworker asked if I would design a more polished version of a handwritten sign she had seen in a neighbor’s yard. I agreed with pleasure, it felt good to counteract the hate swirling around our country in any way, no matter how small.

The last three days, I’ve answered hundreds of emails about the sign, group orders are being placed in communities nationwide, it’s been shared thousands upon thousands of times on social media and an etsy store has been opened to handle all the requests for stickers, magnets prints and more. We’re quickly approaching $2,000 for the ACLU from orders via our original group, and other communities all over the country have used the graphic to raise funds as well.

You guys, this little sign is what did it: restored my faith in my countrymen, lifted me out of my post-election haze. If you’re here because you sought out this message that resonated with you, thank you. Keep spreading the love and let others know that the headlines in America right now do not represent us. Love will always trump hate. Always.


12 thoughts on “Kindness is Everything

  1. Is there a way I can get this printed with a union label by a union printer? These signs look like they don’t have a bug.

  2. I’ve seen the original sign in several yards in my neighborhood. How in the world is your “homage” more polished, other than the black background which would make it harder to read at a distance?

    1. Hi IJ—I am the original designer of this sign, the very first sign ever was simply hand-written on white poster board. You can see a photo in the Kindness is Everything Facebook page, and read more about the three women who started it all at

      My design went viral, spread all over the country and worldwide and helped us donate more than $10k to the ACLU, nearly $20k to WAWH, and landed in your neighborhood! Unfortunately there have been lots of copycats, but licensed merchandise is available with a white or a black background at

    1. Hi Gordon,
      I believe the Austin group has created a Spanish and Persian version. Inquire in the Kindness is Everything facebook group—one of the other administrators should be able to send you in the right direction :) Thanks for spreading the love!

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