Purchases & Productivity

Left to right: A funky vintage owl cut, wood type, vintage world cut.

Yesterday, I drove to Racine to purchase some letterpress paraphernalia I found (once again) on craigslist. Tom had a TON of stuff, all in really great condition, and I got two drawers of lead type, an assortment of large wood type (that I cannot wait to try out) and several vintage cuts (technical term for blocks with images on them). I can’t wait to get printing!

I also got a ton of printing done this weekend. I finished up all four holiday card runs that I had started (more to come on that later this week) and completed two custom orders, below. On the left, Save the Dates that the bride, a graphic designer, designed herself, which are probably the best technically correct printing I’ve put out to date–they’re lovely. And then on the right are some earring cards for Ashley Akers Jewelry.

Custom pieces
Custom pieces

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