French Landscapes

Birth of a new day
Birth of a new day

Since it’s raining and all the snow is turning to gray slush in southern Wisconsin today, I needed something beautiful to cheer me up. The top photo did the trick!

A very, very lucky photographer, Patrick of French Landscapes does a wonderful job of capturing the beauty that surrounds him at his home in Provence. The colors in his work are so stunningly beautiful they seem almost unreal. What an incredible talent to be able to capture such beauty and share it with the world!

Clouds over the Mediterranean sea
Clouds over the Mediterranean sea

3 thoughts on “French Landscapes

  1. OK … so I’m literally enthralled here. Not for any reason you might assume. But I stopped by last week, in search of something TOTALLY COOL for my daughter who loves Peace. And you hit the mark … but here’s the thing that is so grand tonight. She is so totally taken with the European Culture as of late, just finished her first french class … has dreams about marrying an architect (her, an interior designer) and living in France. And I just had to say, you’ve put the whip cream on this whole season!

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