Fireworks wedding invitations


I just finished up these gorgeous invitations for a couple who are renewing their vows on July 3rd. While they wanted to aknowledge the proximity of the holiday, they didn’t want their invitations to be kitchy or overly patriotic. I came up with a design that was abstract yet recognizable while being fun, modern and elegant. Printed with a deep impression and silver ink on a rich red textured paper, they are absolutely stunning!


4 thoughts on “Fireworks wedding invitations

  1. We’re getting married on the 4th of July. How might one order these invites??! :) Is it possible to change the colors to match with our set colors?

  2. I would like to piggyback off of Kacey’s question above. I would love something similar for my wedding this July 4th. Are you still able to make something similar?

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