Making the best of it

As promised: My latest print! While not quite the way I imagined, I’m really excited about it because of what I’ve learned in the process of creating it. First of all, the type: this is the first time I’ve locked up a mixed type layout this large and it went pretty well! It’s also helped me determine what typefaces I need to add to my collection.

The design: I always love letterpress prints with a lot of depth created by overlapping transparent imagery. My inks this time around weren’t as transparent as they should have been–I’m learning just how much tint base medium I need mixed into my pigment. Overall, I’m pretty happy with the outcome and I know exactly what direction to pursue in future work.

“Be kind for everyone is fighting a hard battle.”


I believe human nature is inherently good. Why is it so easy to allow greed, carelessness and, perhaps worst of all, wanting to be right to get in the way of our nature? This last year has been a period of introspection and personal growth, and I think one of the most important things maturity teaches us is that our struggles are no more difficult than anyone else’s. Everyone has their own cross to bear; whether it’s an ailing loved one, a failing relationship, a never-ending to-do list, or financial woes. Yours is no more important than your neighbor’s, theirs is no more important than yours. With a little compassion we might just all make it through unscathed.

Be kind to each other. There are more important things than being right, looking better or getting people on your side. Treat those you encounter with kid gloves, you never know what’s just beneath the surface.

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