Business Cards: The Sequel

It’s taken a few years, but I can finally admit that when I started this business I had no idea what I was doing. My previous letterpress experience had come from a fine art environment, where imperfections are talked away as a beautiful expression of the intrinsic nature of the medium (not that that’s not true—I love a good happy accident!).

But when it comes to someone’s business cards or wedding invitations, those little variances that make each piece uniquely handmade can only be so noticeable before they become intrusive. I probably started taking on commercial jobs too early, and while my prices at the time reflected that—holy crap was I cheap!—I do sometimes wish I had spent more time on technical skills before diving in head first.

Fast forward seven years and my skills are miles ahead of where they once were—but so are my standards. I find myself fretting over a tiny imperfection I wouldn’t have even noticed a few years ago… all the time.

So a quick email with a few positive words from a client is just about the best thing that can happen in a day, unless of course, a re-order comes in! This week, I’m super excited to be reprinting Meighan Newhouse’s business cards. It was only a year ago and they turned out pretty great last time (so much so that she says “I get SO many compliments on them! And I’m so proud to hand them out!”) and I think they’ll be even better this time around! Wish me happy printing!


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