Sympathy Cards for Real People

The first batch of new card designs I ordered with my new Boxcar plates are finally up in the shop! I started with a category that is far and away the most difficult to write—and non-negotiable to send—sympathy cards. That probably explains why they were the first to sell out from my Real Talk collection last year.


Everyone loves a good expletive, right?! Except my mom. And your mom. And people who don’t swear like a sailor. Anyway, everyone can agree on this card! Whether you’ve done something wrong or a friend has had a setback, this card is a good one to have on hand! Pick it up here.


This card was actually inspired by a girlfriend’s experience with miscarriage. She said the best, most truthful sentiment anyone expressed to her was from her doctor, who simply said, “This really sucks. You don’t have to be ok right now.” Sometimes the best way to deal with terrible circumstances is to simply acknowledge them instead of sweeping them under the rug.

So when there’s nothing better to say, just say this sucks. Trust me, it will go a long way. Pick up this card here. And stay tuned for more new designs coming soon!

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