Attack of the Bees!

I’m sure you all remember when I made this super cute bee stationery for Mollie Busby. Since then, that little guy has appeared on several projects, including these sweet little flat notes for an etsy client. Once I had the press cleaned up, I also embossed a couple dozen gift tags, sets of which are now available here!


I hereby promise this will be my last post concerning Miss Mollie Shambeau Busby for a while! Last weekend was her ah-maze-ing wedding and I just have to brag a little about my gift! I went off-registry—gasp!—and printed Sean and Mollie custom stationery featuring their new family crest of sorts. I don’t often go so traditional when I design, but it felt just right for this occasion. I of course printed extras of this lovely note, so if you’re loving this look, pick some up right here!

I’m so sad I was too rushed to take a quick picture of the wrapping before heading out, but let’s just say, it was so cute! I picked up a kraft-colored papier maché box that matched the envelopes perfectly, nestled the stack of cards snugly in striped tissue and wrapped the whole thing in yellow, orange and light blue ribbon. While I was printing her cards, I whipped up a special envelope covered in bees and slipped that between ribbons. There’s something about a really well-wrapped present that makes the gift inside all the more special!

Oh, what, you don’t come here for the bacon?

[see previous post if this title doesn’t make any sense to you!]

Sorry loyal readers, I’ve been a little bit all over the place lately. Bacon, houseplants… I don’t know what this blog is coming to anymore.

This weekend marked the first in quite a while (and the last for an equally long while) in which I didn’t have to devote any time to that job that pays my bills. I spent two days doing nothing but letterpress, and let me tell you, I am not in printing shape anymore. No, it’s not that strenuous, I am just that out of shape.

Anyway, that means loads of new work coming soon, and in the mean time, another way to bring a little letterpress into your life:

Super fun paper circles! For the last year or so, I’ve been holding on to all my scraps and test papers and pieces that didn’t turn out quite right. So they’re not perfect, but there’s still something really beautiful about the intersecting designs…too beautiful to end up in the trash can. Perfect for scrapbookers, card makers, artists or even just to use as confetti on your next party table, these little discs add whimsy to any project.

Total Bust

This weekend was a total bust. Yesterday, I had grand plans to drive all over the state to buy several cases of wood type and visit my sister and a couple of friends from college, but the only thing that worked out in my whole scheme was lunch with my sister. And she was hungover, which was funny, but I think so was our waitress, which was not. Five hours of driving later, we returned home with full bellies and empty hands.

Notecards made with vintage cuts from Iconi Interiors

In better news, I finished up the last bits of Iconi’s order (above) and met with the owner of a coffee shop in my hometown of Milton, WI. She’s going to carry a selection of my holiday cards and host a ‘Meet the Artist’ afternoon November 29.

I also got some printing done: I’m currently working on my first stationery collection of the first year (hoping to have everything printed by December so I can start on PR!) and trying to print all of my vintage cuts so I have samples (a few are below — I love that owl!).