Total Bust

This weekend was a total bust. Yesterday, I had grand plans to drive all over the state to buy several cases of wood type and visit my sister and a couple of friends from college, but the only thing that worked out in my whole scheme was lunch with my sister. And she was hungover, which was funny, but I think so was our waitress, which was not. Five hours of driving later, we returned home with full bellies and empty hands.

Notecards made with vintage cuts from Iconi Interiors

In better news, I finished up the last bits of Iconi’s order (above) and met with the owner of a coffee shop in my hometown of Milton, WI. She’s going to carry a selection of my holiday cards and host a ‘Meet the Artist’ afternoon November 29.

I also got some printing done: I’m currently working on my first stationery collection of the first year (hoping to have everything printed by December so I can start on PR!) and trying to print all of my vintage cuts so I have samples (a few are below — I love that owl!).


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