Farm wedding invitations

Because we’re living in a teeny apartment for the summer while we house shop, my press has not yet joined me in Iowa City. By and large, I’m not taking on any more custom orders until things settle down and I know what state my studio and free time are in. I finished up the last few orders for wedding invitations the Friday before we moved, and hopefully the next time I head to Wisconsin, I’ll be able to take care of several of my own projects that have languished for weeks (a happy birthday card, finally!).


This is one set of the invites I just finished, made for a beautifully rustic late summer wedding. She wanted a big ol’ tree to reflect the setting, he wanted some elements of birds, and viola! The lovely kelly green (so on trend!) is courtesy of the couple as well, they sent me a ribbon that matches the bridesmaids’ dresses.


4 thoughts on “Farm wedding invitations

  1. Those are absolutely gorgeous! I love the color and the birds and the tree. And the typography! OK, I love everything about them.

  2. What a pretty green! They have a lovely vintage appeal about them. Beautiful work, as always!

    I was thinking of messaging etsy with some thoughts about adding guidelines to placing a bid- like what’s kosher and what’s not. I know a lot of designers who have basically boycotted Alchemy because of entirely unreasonable requests.

  3. I am so excited – they’re absolutely gorgeous! Beyond my expectations……
    I’ll be watching for the mailman like a hawk!
    Thank you thank you thank you!

  4. I’m with you… less like restrictions more like alchemy etiquette. Anyway. Thanks for visiting my site and reading my long, long post!

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