I know everyone from news organizations to design bloggers have been raving about this, but I thought I’d join the chorus: Have you downloaded ecofont?

Basically, the designers reduced up to 20% of the black area of each letterform by creating small holes in the center of each stroke, undetectable at normal text sizes, thereby reducing the amount of ink used when printing the text. The typeface is based on Verdana (which is actually a little silly because Verdana was really designed for viewing on screen, not in print, but I won’t go there), an exceedingly common and simple typeface.

Even more impressive, SPRANQ (the company that created ecofont) hopes that the spread of ecofont will inspire environmentally-conscious practices throughout the business and design world. Specifically:

End-users: print only when necessary, use a modern, efficient printer and use unbleached paper.
Graphic designers: use modern color separation techniques to avoid unnecessary wastage in ink. In paper choice, take the environment into account.
• (Offset) printers: avoid modern laser techniques that make ink indivisible from the paper. Keep an eye on innovations, such as plant-based ink.
Printer manufacturers: invest in environment-conscious innovation.

Kudos to SPRANQ for the genious invention and ideals for all of us to keep in mind. Now, don’t you dare print this blog post!

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